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FTP bouncer service

If you are experiencing slow throughput via FTP when you are sending/downloading data off our servers, then you can use the below bouncer servers to try and get around poor peering.

The service requires a custom domain name when you wish to login, so please check below.

  • Username: <username> (Where X refers to the server you are on, fx 8.d if you are on that server, you can find the server in your welcome email and inside the clientarea)
  • Password: <regular password for ftp>

As for hostnames on the bouncer nodes, ie the server you have to actually connect to:

LocationHostnameDetails out of Leaseweb, 10Gbit premium network out of - Upgraded network 1Gbit out of Hetzner 1Gbit at digitalocean - Soon to be moved to Leaseweb SG unmetered VPS, not optimal but its a tricky place to get lots of datausage Ultimate 2Gbit
US Ultimate 2Gbit
US Ultimate 2Gbit

Please also note that the bouncers ONLY support FTPS (Explicit TLS) on port 21, it does not serve SFTP or Impicit SSL.

As another side note, it is not always a given that the bouncer nodes are an improvement to you, we place no guarantees on the throughput.