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Bandwidth explanation

Each of our packages come with a predefined amount of upload traffic, how much included traffic is mentioned on each individual product - We only count outgoing data,

Extra bandwidth



If you hit the limit on your package then the network port will be shut off until next due date or until you buy extra bandwidth.

If you have exceeded your included bandwidth you can buy extra. We offer the following packages:

  • 10TB = €10
  • 25TB = €15
  • 50TB = €25
  • 100TB = €40
  • 250TB = €75
  • 500TB = €99
  • Unmetered (Fair use, ~3Gbit avg) = €249

To buy additional bandwidth open a ticket with the specified amount you want. We will then create an invoice and once that is paid we'll increase the bandwidth limit.

Should you have any questions on this, then please open a ticket!