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Support scope

We've been asked a lot of questions about what we provide support with, we've written this overview to avoid any confusion.

Application hosting

On our application hosting and dedicated servers with application suite we provide support for situations like below :

  • Installing any of the applications on our supported list
  • An application fails to start
  • An application are crashing for unknown reasons
  • Any service related issues/questions, like fx bandwidth allocations not being reset, password reset requests, general questions about the service
  • Any hardware related issues you might be facing

Dedicated servers

For bare metal dedicated servers we also provide assistance in these areas.

  • Hardware issues and troubleshooting of hardware issues
  • Provisioning and configuration assistance of additional IPs/ranges including IPv6
  • Reinstallation of the base OS

What we do not provide support with

  • Any software installation on bare metal dedicated servers
  • Application configurations, ie we do not provide assistance with the configuration of individual applications
  • Further expansion from the base usage of an application, this can be adding additional custom scripts, addons or similar
  • Guidance in any way or any assistance in any way in using our services for any governing law
  • Any application installed outside of our supported application list

Should the above give any questions then you are more than welcome to reach out via ticket or email and we'll do our best to explain.