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Data retention policy

How long we store data depends on your account status.

We differentiate between active (Has an active service) and inactive clients (Hasn't had an active service and not logged in for 3 months).

Active clients will as a general rule have their data kept in our databases for as long as they have an active service, there's only one exception to this(Listed below).

Inactive clients will have their data pruned as per regulations in EU/Denmark, data will be removed from the database on the below time schedule.

1 Month retention:

  • Ticket attachments (Also for active clients)

3 Months retention:

  • Support ticket history (Only closed tickets)
  • Sent email history
  • Payment tokens

5 Years retention:

  • All billing related items, ie invoices, payment ids etc
  • All account details, ie name, email etc

After 5 years, all inactive clients are pruned from our databases.

By law we are obligated to retain specific customer data for up to 5 years, we can mark an account as inactive (By closing all services) and the account will then get pruned as per above time schedule.

Please note this structure is subject to change as regulations change.