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Bandwidth explanation

Each of our packages come with a predefined amount of upload traffic, how much included traffic is mentioned on each individual product - We only count outgoing data, but there are some few protocols that are exempt from the usage.

  1. FTP/FTPS (All data sent to your home via FTP)
  2. HTTPS transfers to your home
  3. All media servers (PLEX, Emby, Jellyfin)

The above 3 items do not count in your usage, all other outgoing data will count, this includes all torrent uploads, usenet uploads, rclone uploads cloud storage vendors etc.


If you hit the limit on your package then the outgoing network speed will be throttled to 10Mbit!

Extra bandwidth

If you have exceeded your included bandwidth you can buy extra. We offer the following packages:

  • 2TB = €2.5
  • 5TB = €5
  • 10TB = €10

You can find these on the Product Addons page.

Should you have any questions on this, then please open a ticket!