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Abuse handling

We kindly want to remind you that our app range is a shared service, this means you are sharing the server with other users - Do not expect to be able to use all of the CPU/RAM on the server. A one (1) warning system has been put in place, if you as a client keep abusing services in a way that degrades the experience for other users on the server then you will only be issued a single warning, if the behaviour does not stop then we will be forced to terminate the account.

Below is a short list of items that you cannot do.

  1. Send spam from our servers in any way
  2. Use our servers to portscan/bruteforce or otherwise attack other hosts
  3. Any kind of mining software
  4. Any kind of PLEX reselling (Plex shares)
  5. No hosting of offensive content

The above list is to be updated, always refer to the acceptable use policy for a larger overview